My name is Tim Zuidema, Systems Engineer at CJ2 Hosting BV. I have been working in IT for over 6 years now. I have always had a passion for IT and have been building homelabs and have been busy with IT for as long as I can remember.

CJ2 Hosting BV is one of the biggest hosting providers in the north of the Netherlands. Spanning multiple datacenters we offer lots of different services ranging from fully managed IAAS platforms to hosting VPS servers. My day job at CJ2 Hosting BV is managing our server clusters providing VPS, IAAS, PAAS and SAAS offerings to our customers. I’m primarily focused on our Hyper-V platform and opensource on the side. More information about CJ2 Hosting BV can be found at their website.

As a hobby I got my own homelab server environment that I use to practise my skills as a Systems Engineer. I started this blog to give an insight on how I setup things, what keeps me busy and to put my work in documentation.

ASN 210882 – PeeringDB

For more information have a look at my Linkedin or GitHub page.